Your vehicle’s suspension system is a complex series of components designed to work together to reduce and limit the vibrations and undulations from the surface of the road, providing a smooth, controlled and comfortable ride. Brakes and tyres need to be in full contact with the road to work most effectively, and many components of your suspension can wear quickly. In fact, at 30mph, worn shock absorbers can add up to 2 metres to your braking distance.


The principle suspension components include a coil spring and shock absorber. These components work together to dampen down and cushion the vehicle by absorbing the impact from potholes and bumps in the road. This keeps your vehicle stable and your tyres firmly in contact with the road surface for the maximum amount of time possible.

Saracens offer a range of suspension servicing options, from replacing worn compenents such as springs and dampeners, to complete system upgrades to improve the performance of your car.