We offer the complete car exterior rejuvenation service:

– Repairing scratches, dents & bumper scrapes
– Plastic welding
– Headlight rejuvenation
– Repairing wheel scratches
– Restoring paintwork to a brilliant shine

Whether you want your car rejuvenated for re-sale or just for your own personal satisfaction, call us for a quote.


We also offer full and partial car body wraps. Body wraps are printed vinyl wrap graphics that are not permanent and won’t hurt your paint. In fact, a wrap actually protects your paint from ultra-violet light and highway pitting.

Think of a wrap like a skin for your car. Change it instead of changing your car. No paint, no mess, no wait. Wraps install in hours, but stay on for years. It needs no special care, always stays glossy and never needs waxing. Our premium wraps will look amazing for years!